Arts Maebashi


Collection + Inside & Outside

2015.08.01 - 2015.09.23

【Past Exhibition】

Expressions born of boundary awareness.

The series titled “Collection +” displays a collection of artworks with different cuts and themes. It is a project that aims to encourage discussions about the artworks through displaying altogether artworks from the Arts Maebashi collection and artworks from young artists connected with the city of Maebashi. With this exhibition, focusing on the “Inside & Outside” theme, we want to present works that are born when the artists became aware of the boundaries existing between things that are different from each other, such as the one between our own self and the other people, or the one exposed by an encounter with a different culture.
This time, KAWAMATSU Yasunori (1984-) also joined as a young artist connected with the city of Maebashi. He presents here a new art installation based on Shirakawa’s “Concept Note”. HAYASHI Maiko (1987-), who was born in Maebashi, also worked on a ceramic artwork from the time she was a university student, cutting and readapting a part of it in order to show the reverse of the ceramic. From this dichotomy between its front and its reverse new meanings come to be added to the artwork, such as the opposition between light and shadow and between motion and stillness.

August 1, 2015 – September 23, 2015
Venue : Arts Maebashi Gallery 1
Open hours : 11:00-19:00 (entry up to 18:30) 
Closed on Wednesdays.
Organizer: Arts Maebashi

KAWAMATSU Yasunori《me(an)》2013, Artist’s collection

SHIRAKAWA Yoshio 《Concept Notes》 1976-1979