Arts Maebashi


Unexpected Encounter - Artist in Residence Maebashi 2015-2018

2018.10.12 - 2018.11.4

【Past Exhibition】

“Even the stone that one stumbles over on the road has some connection with that person. This shows that we must cherish every trifling thing and relationship.” [The proverb in Japanese states: “A chance acquaintance is a divine ordinance.”]

Arts Maebashi has hosted eighteen groups of artists for artist in residence program since 2011, before museum opened. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the museum’s inauguration, exhibitions from ten groups of artists from both inside and outside Japan will be held in the city center, where the Tatsumachi Studio is located for artists to stay and production.

During an artist’s residence, encounters with people and the town can change everything. When an artist crosses cultural and language barriers, finds ways to resolve unexpected events, and gracefully assimilates these changes, he or she finds the means for coexisting with others, and makes us aware of unanticipated interactions with different cultures through creative works. The connections between each of these artists will softly but surely make a connection with you as well.


Date : 2018.10.12(Fri), 13(Sat), 14(Sun), 20(Fry), 21(Sat), 22(Sun), 26(Fry), 27(Sat), 28(Sun), 11.2(Fry), 3(Sat), 4(Sun)
Venue : Maebashi city central district area 
Open hours : 11:00-18:00  
Passport : 600 yen (with book)
Organizer: Cultural exchange committee, Maebashi central shopping district union
C0-Organizer : Arts Maebashi
Support : Embassy of Israel



Anna WITT 
KIMURA Takahito
KOROMO Shinichiro
Heaven BAEK


7.アンナ・ヴィット《ケア》 2017年、映像、17分28秒  10.ティタ・サリナ《1001つ目の島‐群島の中の最も持続可能な島》 2015年、映像
Left : Anna WITT 《CARE》2017, video, 18’12”
Right : Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina 《1001st Island – The Most Sustainable Island in Archipelago》2015, video, 14’11” Photo:Yopie Nugraha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  2.片山真理 《25 days in tatsumachi studio  アツミレコード #001》2015年、半光沢ラムダプリント, フレーム
Left : UMEZAWA Hideki Open studio view
Right : KATAYAMA Mari 《25 days in tatsumachi studio / ATSUMI record #001》2015, Self-Portrait

4.木村崇人 制作風景 撮影:木暮伸也  5.ケレン・ベンベニスティ インタビュー風景
Left : KIMURA Takahito Production scene
Right : Keren BENBENISTY Interview scene

9.衣真一郎《横たわる風景》 2016年、油彩・カンヴァス、227.3×363.3cm、撮影:加藤健  12.ダラ・リーヴス《ワーキングモデル》部分, 2017年, 16mm フィルムプロジェクション、 1時間30分
Left : KOROMO Shinichiro 《Lying Landscape》2017, 91.0×116.7cm
Right : Daragh REEVES 《Working Model》2017, 16 mm film projection, 1゜30′

8.萩原留美子《偽の風》 2016年、サイトスペシフィックインスタレーション  3.ヘヴン・ベク 制作風景 撮影:木暮伸也
Left : HAGIWARA Rumiko 《Fake Wind》2016, Site-specific installation at the hunting pavilion in Meise Botanical garden
Right : Heaven BAEK Production scene



( 1 ) Artist Talk(Conducted in Japanese)
Date & Time : 2018.10.12 (Fri), 16:00~18:00
Venue : Arts Maebashi Studio
Speaker : Keren Benbenisty, Rumiko Hagiwara, Heaven Baek, and more
Admission : Free
Capacity : 40
※Reservation required : 027-230-1144 (Arts Maebashi)

( 2 ) Hideki Umezawa Live performance
Date & Time : 2018.11.4 (Sun), 13:00~14:00
Venue : Orion Street
Artists :  Hideki Umezawa, Yoichi Kamimura (Artist)
Admission : Free

( 3 ) “Unexpected Encounter” Guide Tour (Conducted in Japanese)
Date & Time : 2018.10.20(Sat), 28(Sun), 13:00~14:00
Guest : Keitaro Usui (Maebashi Institute of Technology / 10.20), Kaoru Hashimoto ( Architect / 10.28 )
Venue : Entrance of Arts Maebashi
Admission : Free ( Passport required )