Arts Maebashi


Art Meets 07 GOTO Tomomi/TAMURA Naoko

2022.08.06 - 2022.10.30

“Art Meets”  is an exhibition program introducing the activities of two  mid-career artists to make opportunities for beholders to encounter the artists’ diverse idea and sensibilities. 
We here at Arts Maebashi have held this once a year.
In this seventh edition, we introduce Tomomi Goto and Naoko Tamura.


August 6, 2022 – October 30, 2022
Venue : Arts Maebashi Gallery 1
Open hours : 10:00-18:00 (final admission : 17:30) 
Closed on Wednesdays.
Admission : Free
Organizer : Arts Maebashi


■ GOTO Tomomi

The First for the Second Time 2020 hair, Sea salt harvested by the artist, plants, etc. H20×W468×D999mm Collection of the artist Photo: KIGURE Shinya

FROM 2017 ice, movie dimensions variable Collection of the artist

Salt Clock  – Shiogama, Kamagafuchi 2014 Sea salt harvested by the artist, glass H110×W50×D48mm Collection of the artist photo: KIGURE Shinya

■ TAMURA Naoko

Thaümata 2019 installation view of Hiroshima Art Document

Il la vos xila vox #01 2004/2022 C-print collection of the artist



Under_thaümata 2015 gelatin silver print collection of the artist